Edge of Darkness


I'm going the distance

So it's nice to watch the ship, they are up to some shady business I'm here and I could use some time to settle my mind.  My power and vision is growing…but I can feel the energy in me.  I desire action.  

Oooo Cake and chocolate too, and I don't think Grint is getting on with his side piece

So some time to myself and cake it is good.  I sit and study with I go out to the concourse and start to reach out to people, I an almost hear their thoughts…more like whispers and hints.  At first I'm not sure if it's just things I can read from their faces but the harder I focus the louder the whispers.

I go back to the ship and more cake oh man this is quite a nice day.


worst update ever.

you lose 10 xp.

jkurlan ejansson

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