Edge of Darkness

Rand's Write-up
Not getting any better

So I'm not sure this situation is getting any better.  We managed to limp our ship into the space port.  We settled in and started to look at the damage.  All in all not so bad given we almost pulled the drive out trying to avoid the tractor beam.


As we're sitting there though suddenly a group of cyborg toughs is bearing down on us.  They say they are looking for a girl and are being real shit heads.  I don't know if we were just in a shitty mood or didn't like their tone but we were in no mood for their shit. Slol calls them out and we end up throwing down.  I reach for my old heavy blaster almost instinctively.  Damn holster is still empty.  I reach for my hold out and close.  We end up shooting them up. 

Turns out we do have a young girl stow away.  Turns out these cyber gangers are slavers.  We aren't big fans of slavers overall, seems like that's enough to get us into motion.  We end up searching them out with the help of a local criminal \ rebel….I'm not sure yet.  


Either way we basically roll up into one of their bases and take the out. We find the little girls brother and drop them off with our new criminal rebel friend.  Plog is still not sure about her but I have a good feeling and I always trust my gut.  We definitely get hurt in the exchange, but we're all still breathing and we helped some people I'd call that a win.

Let's see if we can keep this streak going.

GM Writeup - Session 1
The Serak Death Gang

While enacting repairs on their ship, the party is assaulted by a group of cybered gangers calling themselves the Serak Death Gang. The gang demanded that the party turnover "The Girl" and that they would ba allowed to live if they capitulated to their demands.

Not knowing which girl the gangers were speaking of, the party questioned the gang members which then led into a full on firefight. The battle lasted a short while and was punctuated by the ship's Captain Glog, firing the starship laser cannons into the crowd missing the intended target and damaging the surrounding buildings.

After dealing with the gang members, the party searched the ship and found a small girl stowed away in the cargo hold. Selia, the small child, had just escaped from the gang with the help of her brother Ebban, whom the gang still held captive.

The three techs head over to Flek Sandburn's Parts Emporium to aquire the necessary parts to repair the ship. While they are waiting to talk to Flek, they see him being shaken down by a group of three swoop gangers looking for protection money. On their way out the gangers get into a small scuffle with Grint, who lifts the leader's, a Twi'Lek male, credit stick. The Twi'Lek warns Grint that he will not be so polite the next time they run into each other.

Asking around the area and where the girl was taken, the party learns of a Twi'Lek dancer called Sensa Fultima, who is known to have information on the various slaver gangs in Blue Sector. The party travels to the Black Bantha, where they meet Sensa and discuss the slave issue regarding Selia and her brother Ebban.

Sensa Fultima tells the party where to find tow of the Serak Death Gang's warehouses and specifically where she thinks the boy is probably being held. Sensa takes the Selia with her while the party goes off to rescue the boy. On their way out, the party encounters the Twi'Lek ganger again, as he is about to scuffle with Grint, he is called off by his sister Sensa Fultima.

The party heads over to the warehouse near Treasureship Row where they believe the boy is being held. Taking ou the three guards in the front of the building, Slowl climbs the building and lowers a rope to Grint and Rand as they plan to enter the building from the roof. Plog and Rio hotwire an escape vehicle and a swoop bike for the escape.

Slowl, Grint and Rand enter the building from the roof and encounter guards on the first floor, as battle ensues, Grint is laid out by a concussive blast, while Rand and Slowl tak on the guards. Rio and Glog enter from the front door to assist in the mop up of the gang members.

The party locates four slaves being held, one of them the boy Ebban. They escape with the slaves, letting them free in Treasureship Row and they take Ebban back to the Black Bantha to meet up with his sister and decide on their next course of action.

Sensa Fultima explains that she will send the two children off world with her friends to a safer location and asks the party to work with her in the future in her endeavors. She tells the party she will smooth things over with her brother Dota Fultima so that he can become a source to fence some items.


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