Edge of Darkness

GM Writeup - Session 3

After dealing with the Serak Death Gang, the party takes on the cargo delivery for Janos Devlin, the Chevin Merchant. The cargo, 3 crates of carbine rifles, is delivered to the party's ship. Rand, Grint and Doc Gravoc head to the Black Bantha to pickup Selia & Ebban to be taken to Nubia to their new family.

After the cargo is delivered, 3 Black Sun enforcers arrive at the docking bay to insist that Rio return with them to Lt. Harrington. A fight ensues and the 3 remaining crew member, Rio, Diaboc and Plog are out gunned by the Black Sun enforcers. The remaining crew returns to the ship in time to assist with the fight, capturing one of the Black Sun enforcers, but not before Rand is attacked by a creature that was lurking in the shadows. The creature renlentlessly attacked Rand ignoring all other attackers. The fight was quick with a minor injury to Rand, who was slightly shaken.

Rio brands the captured Black Sun enforcer and sends him on his way to relay a message that she will not be intimidated by Lt. Harrington. Doc Gravoc relays a message to Black Sun, that he is working on paying his debts off.

The party leaves for Nubia to deliver the children, the trip is uneventful.

Leaving Nubia for Centerpoint Station, the party is intercepted by pirates in the asteroid belt that rings around Talus and Tralus. The pirates attempt to tractor beam the party's ship to be boarded, the party fights off the pirates with practiced gunnery and deft piloting skills, escaping the ambush.

Arriving at Centerpoint Station, Rand is accosted by two members of Southern Sectors Port Authority, who in return for a small bribe look the other direction on the cargo in the Mistress Flask's hold. Rand, Doc Gravoc, and Diaboc head into the station to meet Colton Hagstrom, Janos Devlin's contact. The meeting is short, Colton measures the group's trustworthiness and gives them the information regarding the meeting with the buyer. He also informs them that they should look for a tracking device in the cargo.

Plog and Grint scan the cargo and find a small tracking device hidden in one of the crates, Rio investigates it and is able to locate the person that created the device, Atellis Faede, who is a slicer. Further investigation is required to located the slicer.

The party heads to the meeting with the buyer and deliver the cargo, but the meeting is ambushed by a patrol of Imperial Stormtroopers. While the buyer and his men escape into the darkened alleyways, the party fends off the Imperials. Plog races the truck into one of the squads, killing three troopers and pinning the Sergeant against the wall, but in the vehicular attack, manages to crash the truck and become pinned himself as a fire errupts. Rand and Grint attack the troopers from the other end of the alley while Doc Gravoc acrobatically leaps across the top of the truck to rescue Plog from a firey death. Diaboc uses his skills at subterfuge to harrass and confuse the troopers putting them off guard and Rio snipes at the Sergeant.

The fight ends as quickly as it started, the party recovers equipment from the fallen troopers and stashes it in an out of the way location and they quickly leave the scene. 

Hurdling Forward
Internal panic within Doc's head

It's all beginning to pile up so fast. Before I can blink, we are blasting and killing Black Sun men. I tried to save one but, that's unlikely to overshadow those we likely killed. Reminding one thug that he could be dead too probably isn't going to back down a Vigo. As much as it galls me, I may have just upped what I owe those crooks. 

We are going to have to be much more careful. I didn't even know what shipment scanning was, then suddenly not doing it had me nearly getting Blown into space by pirates. Good thing Plog and the rest know more about ships than I do. I hope whatever shit he's taking this won't kill him or us. Whatever some of those Black Sun pilots used to take could be nasty in the long run. Despite the jitters he did seem on top of his game in the pilot's seat but, I don't know if running over STs was a great idea.

We did make the drop and Grint, Rand, Rio and even Dibrok seemed on point but, Plog could have killed himself. Not to mention all the heat this will bring down from the Empire, the borrowed transport and if we'll actually get paid in full.

Branded by Rio

Somewhere in Boz Pity…

"Oh, one more thing," the Rodian said, looking down as he rolled up his sleeve to expose his bicep. "This is Rio's message back to you. She said 'it's over'."

The Falleen's eyes widened as he recognized the distinctive barrel pattern burned into his underling's arm. She still had his pistols. HIS pistols!

"Get. Out. Of. My. Sight." The Falleen said as he turned away and gripped the rail until his knuckles turned a slightly lighter shade of green. That former slave understood what it meant to be a Vigo perhaps more than he did, which stung all the more as he realized he'd probably never attain that position. She was strong, and showing her strength. Warning him to never dare cross her again.

That bitch.

Rio's stolen Mandalorian pistols:




Eyes Wide Open

As these cyber punks approach the ship I reach out with my mind.  It's like I can feel them all and where they are going next.  It's harder than I would think though, it's hard to focus on more than one at a time.  The first one that tries to shoot me really struggles as I can see what he's doing before it happens.

It seems my parents were right to send me away.  The force was strong in both my parents lines but neither of them were users.  They didn't see eye to eye with the Jedi and their code but they closer identified with them then the Sith.  My parents believed in the strength of emotions and their love had gotten them through much.  Trying to ignore emotion is like trying to ignore human nature, a dangerous path.  You have to take the good with the bad, maximize the good and manage the bad emotions.

Wow it is funny I have time in the middle of a fight to think like this.  I did catch a blast but at the end there is little our opponents can do.  These vile slavers are destroyed like the others.

We reach out to Sensa for work and she seems to be even closer aligned with my thinking.  She honestly seems to want to help these kids and get to the source of these slavers.  In an ideal world I'd do it for free but our world is far from ideal and it will take creds to survive. 

We manage to kill some more gangers, I think when this is done we'll need to put a message on the street about slavers and what happens especially to the most vile of them like this death gang.

We also manage to get some more info about the next level and imperial associate.

(For the other players I just seem fast, I still largely work from cover and still get shot so I hardly seem invulnerable.  A Jedi without a saber really isn't all the obvious.  Eventually you could notice after some particularly lucky or spectacular display.)

Back from my errands.
Am I over my head with these guys?

So I rush back to the hangars and the Mistress after hearing about some giant gang war involving a ship that sounds really familiar. I had hoped to get some word back to my people at home and make sure my troubles haven't led back to 'Dosha but, things seem to have gotten very hot very quickly while I was taking a leave. That will have to come later. My crew has  no problem diving into a war when scuffle might have sufficed but, they at least seem to be on the right side of the issues. I rather be risking my unarmed ass taking out slavers and patching up these guys, than doing the Hutt's deeds. Hopefully it will pay the bills. 

These Serak cyberthugs clearly didn't opt for cyberbrains if they are coming after us at our ship after what was done to their hideout. Slowl quickly rushes out to engage them as the others drop into cover and tactical positions. I try to follow behind Slowl and offer him support as I can. At least I'll be close if it goes bad…but it doesn't. I am able to occupy a few as Slowl tears into several, the blaster fire from near the ship mowing down several more. You'd think a few of our crew grew up hunting in Trandoshan jungles the way they trail the wounded back to their lair. 

What happened next though was decidedly un-Trandoshan. Draiboc concocted some sort of "dazzling" scheme to get us close from an alley across the way to the guarded entry. The bold little Bothan walked over with some sort of patter I never would have attempted. I suppose it worked though but, not after getting his ass blown up as the rest of us pounced in the ensuing chaos. The Serak leaders can be lethal but, they just don't have enough good help in a scrap against this capable crew.

I start to patch up Draiboc in a burned out van and then the others while raiding their medical stores as the others go through the Gang's supplies, weapons and info. A little scary how fast we can clean out a place and lick our wounds when put to it. I probably don't want to know why some are that good. At this point, I just hope it pays well and maybe I can spin it with my Hutt loanshark that I helped him through this action. At least we seem to be working for the right reasons…and credits…as Sensa is doing her best to help the slaves tied up in the local game. Hopefully, the violence and info will help her. It's also not bad to work for such a pretty face who gets it.

GM Writeup - Session 2

A week after the attacks by the Serak Death Gang soldiers, the party has a chance to rest up and heal wounds. Rand takes the equipment that was recovered from the death gang soldiers and working with Dota Fultima the Twi'Lek swoop ganger he is able to fence the items for a decent payout.

The party meets with Sensa Fultima at the Black Bantha Bar and discusses a job to locate the slaver Dragus Heinler, who has an operation on Centerpoint Station. The party splits up to take care of some business and gain some information about their next job. Rio and Slowl head to the docks where they believe Heinler has a docking bay. Rio slices the port computer system where she discovers information about Zok Tarantallus the leader of the Serak Death Gang. The Death Gang is working with Dragus Heinler to provide him slaves for his business. Zok is wanted by CorSec for Slavery and the Death Gang has two warehouses and one operations HQ in the center of Blue Sector. Slowl makes a friend in the docks, a Klatoonian dock worker shares that Heinler has a Nubian Space Yacht docked at the port locally and that there are some shady operations going on at his bay.

The party while at a local bar catches the eye of a couple of goons and is followed back to their docking bay. The goons informed the Serak Death Gang and the party is attacked by a large group of cybered soldiers. The battle is quick and the party drives off the slavers and tracks them back to their warehouse.

The party mobilizes and attacks the gang at their warehouse, defeating them soundly. Rio is able to slice the gang's computer system and finds proof that Heinler and the Gang are definitely working together as well as the addresses of Heinler's home and the Gang's properties. She also finds information about Heinler's operation on Centerpoint Station.

After mopping up the gang at their warehouse, the party returns to The Black Bantha with the information about Heinler and the Gang. Sensa Fultima gives the party half of the fee that was offered for taking the job. She also asks the party to take the two children to Nubia where they will be placed into a loving home.

Rand negotiates a cargo deal with the Chevin, Janos Devlin, to deliver 30 weapons to a buyer on Centerpoint Station.

Gang violence in Treasureship Row last night
Corellia News Net

Security footage caught the image of a human female and human male running out of an alley. No positive IDs have been made yet.

CorSec: Blaster fights erupted on Corellia last night near Treasureship Row and in a nearby hangar deck.

Local law enforcement responded to reports of gang violence which happened in a few hangar docks near Treasureship row, and also at a local gang hideout. Several members of the Serak Death Gang were found riddled with blaster wounds and some were even torn apart or battered to death. Being a relatively new gang on the scene, law enforcement is still trying to determine what their play is.

A local merchant crew was questioned by authorities, but they claimed the violence happened right outside their hangar and weren't aware of what transpired since they were at a local bar when everything happened. 

Later that evening, the violence with the Sarek Death Gang continued near one of their reported hideouts. The above image was taken from a security camera, but the local authorities cannot improve the image quality enough to determine any remarkable facial features of anyone involved. The gang's hideout was completely trashed, and authorities have no leads at the moment as to which rival gang was responsible. 

Violence has been increasing of late in Treasureship row, and authorities wonder if it's because of the arrival of this new gang of cyber-goons.

Rand's Write-up
Not getting any better

So I'm not sure this situation is getting any better.  We managed to limp our ship into the space port.  We settled in and started to look at the damage.  All in all not so bad given we almost pulled the drive out trying to avoid the tractor beam.


As we're sitting there though suddenly a group of cyborg toughs is bearing down on us.  They say they are looking for a girl and are being real shit heads.  I don't know if we were just in a shitty mood or didn't like their tone but we were in no mood for their shit. Slol calls them out and we end up throwing down.  I reach for my old heavy blaster almost instinctively.  Damn holster is still empty.  I reach for my hold out and close.  We end up shooting them up. 

Turns out we do have a young girl stow away.  Turns out these cyber gangers are slavers.  We aren't big fans of slavers overall, seems like that's enough to get us into motion.  We end up searching them out with the help of a local criminal \ rebel….I'm not sure yet.  


Either way we basically roll up into one of their bases and take the out. We find the little girls brother and drop them off with our new criminal rebel friend.  Plog is still not sure about her but I have a good feeling and I always trust my gut.  We definitely get hurt in the exchange, but we're all still breathing and we helped some people I'd call that a win.

Let's see if we can keep this streak going.

GM Writeup - Session 1
The Serak Death Gang

While enacting repairs on their ship, the party is assaulted by a group of cybered gangers calling themselves the Serak Death Gang. The gang demanded that the party turnover "The Girl" and that they would ba allowed to live if they capitulated to their demands.

Not knowing which girl the gangers were speaking of, the party questioned the gang members which then led into a full on firefight. The battle lasted a short while and was punctuated by the ship's Captain Glog, firing the starship laser cannons into the crowd missing the intended target and damaging the surrounding buildings.

After dealing with the gang members, the party searched the ship and found a small girl stowed away in the cargo hold. Selia, the small child, had just escaped from the gang with the help of her brother Ebban, whom the gang still held captive.

The three techs head over to Flek Sandburn's Parts Emporium to aquire the necessary parts to repair the ship. While they are waiting to talk to Flek, they see him being shaken down by a group of three swoop gangers looking for protection money. On their way out the gangers get into a small scuffle with Grint, who lifts the leader's, a Twi'Lek male, credit stick. The Twi'Lek warns Grint that he will not be so polite the next time they run into each other.

Asking around the area and where the girl was taken, the party learns of a Twi'Lek dancer called Sensa Fultima, who is known to have information on the various slaver gangs in Blue Sector. The party travels to the Black Bantha, where they meet Sensa and discuss the slave issue regarding Selia and her brother Ebban.

Sensa Fultima tells the party where to find tow of the Serak Death Gang's warehouses and specifically where she thinks the boy is probably being held. Sensa takes the Selia with her while the party goes off to rescue the boy. On their way out, the party encounters the Twi'Lek ganger again, as he is about to scuffle with Grint, he is called off by his sister Sensa Fultima.

The party heads over to the warehouse near Treasureship Row where they believe the boy is being held. Taking ou the three guards in the front of the building, Slowl climbs the building and lowers a rope to Grint and Rand as they plan to enter the building from the roof. Plog and Rio hotwire an escape vehicle and a swoop bike for the escape.

Slowl, Grint and Rand enter the building from the roof and encounter guards on the first floor, as battle ensues, Grint is laid out by a concussive blast, while Rand and Slowl tak on the guards. Rio and Glog enter from the front door to assist in the mop up of the gang members.

The party locates four slaves being held, one of them the boy Ebban. They escape with the slaves, letting them free in Treasureship Row and they take Ebban back to the Black Bantha to meet up with his sister and decide on their next course of action.

Sensa Fultima explains that she will send the two children off world with her friends to a safer location and asks the party to work with her in the future in her endeavors. She tells the party she will smooth things over with her brother Dota Fultima so that he can become a source to fence some items.


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