Edge of Darkness

A bit of real doctoring.

Sure, I still get shot at …ALOT but, I am finally getting a glimpse of how being a doctor can be. I am still mostly patching up the after effects of very real violence and usually working out of my backpack but, when we get a moment, the crew's supporting me in bringing sustained care to some regular(?) clients.

Hell, even got my hands on some real treatment specific meds in an actual operating room and the results impressed me. I am beginning to understand the nuances of each of the crew member's body ability to recover. Hopefully I can get a better handle now on helping them to enhance their health as we seem to be facing more and more injuries and some things just need precious time we can ill afford to really heal.

If I can just get Slowl to trust my doctor's orders, Plog off of his vices and let Rand get used to his new arm, we might just dig our way out of our messes. Maybe a new air of caution will take us over and might live to be the town doc out on the fringe I dreamed of…


…aaaand they want to land on a quarantined base. M*****F*****!!!!!

The Leap
Not a plot submission but possibly inspiration.

I just saw this and thought it might resonate with Grint, Rand and Rio's backstories.


Plog Wakes Up...

"Yo, Plog!!" Slowl said as the chiss emerged from his quarters for the first time in weeks.

Plog closed his eyes and brought his fingers to his temple. "Shhh… Too loud."

"Hah!" Slowl slapped him on the back and continued down the corridor.

After carefully making his way to the common room, Plog bumped into Gravok. 

"You okay?" the doc asked. "That wound healing up fine?"

Plog nodded and sat down at the table across from Grint. The grizzled mechanic was stifling a laugh, but Plog barely noticed as he shoved some gruel into his mouth. It tasted like engine grease. 

"We're in space," Plog said, half-questioning and half-declaring. "Who's flying?"

Grint laughed and rose to his feet. "Why don't you go see for yourself."

With the meds clouding his thoughts, Plog didn't know what the mechanic was talking about. Slowly, and with many pauses to control the dizziness, Plog made his way to the cockpit of the Mistress Flasks. He tried a few times and finally hit the button to open the cockpit door.

And he was immediately sobered.

The colors assaulted him first. Someone had painted each knob, button and lever a different color. Swaths of yellow, purple, blue and green traced their way through the entire cockpit. Who would do such a thing? And why?

His eyes fixated on the pink fuzzy dice hanging down over the controls. Wait – one of the plush's was a die, the other was a unicorn head. With sparkles. What was he looking at? Was he still hallucinating?

Finishing a complete circuit, his gaze finally landed on the lone figure in the room. Rio was in the pilot's chair, her feet carelessly on the controls in a lounging position and her head bobbing from some music she was listening to.

Reacting to the movement, she turned and smiled at him. "Oh, heya Plog!"

He was going to kill her.

I'm going the distance

So it's nice to watch the ship, they are up to some shady business I'm here and I could use some time to settle my mind.  My power and vision is growing…but I can feel the energy in me.  I desire action.  

Oooo Cake and chocolate too, and I don't think Grint is getting on with his side piece

So some time to myself and cake it is good.  I sit and study with I go out to the concourse and start to reach out to people, I an almost hear their thoughts…more like whispers and hints.  At first I'm not sure if it's just things I can read from their faces but the harder I focus the louder the whispers.

I go back to the ship and more cake oh man this is quite a nice day.

Terror at Holden's Club

(above – Holden's club, Centerpoint Station)

Following-up on an earlier story, it seems the raid on Holden's club last night wasn't just a random act of violence. We are sad to report that Dragos Hiemler (a Corellian noble) was taken and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

After we reported that several of his bodyguards were slain by blasters and claws, it appears the noble has been missing for over 24 hrs. CorSec is being tight-lipped about any kind of ransom demands or leads they may have. An explosion was also reported early this morning in his ship's docking bay at Centerpoint Station, but no details are known about that incident yet – and if it's connected or not.

We've noted an increased Imperial presence on Centerpoint. Local security forces have noted a sharp incline in cyber theft, and storm troopers are asking about illegal weapons smuggling. Again, we're not sure any of that is linked to Dragos.

It does seem that someone had it out for the Corellian noble. Our thoughts are with the Hiemler family – may the force be with them.

Have I lost my way?

The lies, blood and underhanded deeds just keep piling up. Each step just leads to another crime and more violence. It's even coming easier to me. Even getting paid can seem touch or go.

This better get me out from under my debt so I can just be a doctor living a normal life out on the fringe because I didn't study all those years to act like a repairman's lackey while my crew sneaks into a criminal hive. 

I try to turn to my med books or prep my healing gear in between muscling in new ship parts while Rio and Plog tempt their old ways for our work. It's good that I can patch us up but, this isn't the life I signed up for.

At least we get to sometimes work for positive changes but, squaring off with armed thugs on patrol is the life I tried to avoid. Now here I am making it look routine.

Hopefully, I can keep my skills sharp before this life catches up to me.

(Around the shop and on downtime, Doc Gravok appears to be spending more focus studying and practicing the medical arts, prepping/organizing his doctor gear and meditating.)

Plog's Log #1

After a very exciting, near death experience that I survived thanks to the Doc, it may behoove me to start a log like our former captain.  I have to share some how.

After some much need R and R to get rid of this compounded headache, I headed off to make a quick replacement of the vehicle we lost.  I was lucky to happen a upon a big parking lot with good replacement and an easy to remove VIN number.

I took the vehicle to a diner where the rest of the crew were working on getting a secure communication.  Turns out things were getting a little deeper than expected.  Despite Grint and Doc stalling with fake repairs, Rio was stuck in a hidden power shaft.  Down a ventilator shaft into to unknown territory?  Hell yeah i am there!  After a few bumps I made it down to Rio.  Smart, beautiful, mysterious and deadly.  She had a simple plan, she'd move to a hidden spot and wait for the guards to walk by and then pincer attack them.  Of course the simplest plans go a rye, some how they spot her and we end a up a bit of fire fight.  We prevail, but Rio took a few hits, she just walks them off and hacks the door open.  I made the bodies disappear while Rio got what she needed done.  A traitor in Janos' crew, paid by Attellis Faede, the guy Rio also traced the tracking device to.

We quickly escape out an other ventilator shaft successfully, not mentioning any alarms.  After meeting up with Grint and the Doc we "return" the truck back to Colton and get some info on Faede's favourite hangout, a dodgy gambling club.  Of course this clearly is my calling.  After a nights rest, Grint gets to work aptly repairing the ship while the Doc aids him, Rio goes on the hunt for info and work at the docks, and I head to the gambling club.

Oh the thrill of risk and the unknown as the cards turn everytime, even losing is strangely fun.  They got extremely unwelcomming at the mention of the word splicer, this was clearly a dead end for my skill set.  So I just gambled, and every time I tried to walk away, lady luck showed a bit of interest in me and I won the pot.  Not enough to make what I lost back, but enough to make my new friends more enemies.  I was quickly introduced to a gun that belong to this man's mother.  After finally getting to leave, I felt I was definitely being followed quite a ways before they gave up.  Rio, was watching some videos when I got back to the ship.  I was too tired to really care.  She and Grint at least had a successful day.

Next day is always a new day.  Going to fancy hotel with a nice a gambling establishment to find Dragus.  I get to pull out some finer clothes and place my holdout blaster in my pocket.  The gents and I get to eat dinner while Rio goes under cover as a working girl.  Grint has been getting a lot of cake for his son lately, he seems worried about something with him.  What do i know about human parents.  I digress, Rio gets a lead pretty quickly and disappears up the turbo lift and is gone for along time, I mean a long enough to start getting worried and for Grint to hit on the waitress.  The Doc even started pacing.  She finally radios in that it was the wrong guy she is alright, what was she doing all that time…

I decide to start walking the halls of the hotel.  Run into some Rodians body guards on the 14th floor and decide to play drunk.  Got to the 15th floor and see some of our cyber buddies patrolling the floor.  I try following them, but get thwarted by a potted plant.  Time to play drunk again.  Forceful grip they have there as I get thrown back into the turbo lift.  Knowing the floor made it a little easier for Rio to hack the system and find the exact room.  We head to the roof, which is guarded by two more cyber bullies.  We sneak around them and scan the room, which contains two guys.

We head back down to the 15th floor, Grint tries to gerryrig a card key reader, it didn't go so hot, but it looked cool.  We wait for the guards to pass, and we sneak to the door where Rio and Grint quickly try to hack into it.  First attempt failed.  They start making the second attempt, the Doc starts walking to in the direction where the goons would come from.  Rio and Grint fail again, talking, gun shots.  Look around the Doc took out both goons like he take out the trash! Rio shoots out the lock on the door, but too late the guys are alerted to us and gun fire ensues.  Rio and I both take hits, while Grint is possesed by some war god and takes Dragus down in a flurry of well placed shots and Rio finishes off the guard.  The Doc quickly stabilizes Dragus, we do kind of need him alive.  Now we are in a fancy hotel room, with a dead body and unconscious powerful slave trafficker… oh and bleeding.

GM Writeup - Session 4

The party returns to the ship after the short battle with the Imperial Stormtroopers. Doc Gravoc and Grint make repairs to the ship and add a secret compartment to the cargo hold. Rio and Plog hit the streets to get information about Dragus Heinler and Attellis Faede.

Rio makes a call to Janos Devlin who pays the party for the delivery and then hires them to investigate the attack on the cargo haul by the pirates. He wants to have a private holovid meeting with the party, he is a bit rattled by the betrayal by his employee. The party hits the streets looking for information on where they can access a secure holovid terminal and find that there are two systems that their contacts know about. The first system is owned by the Imperials on the north sector of the station and another that is rumored to be in the hands of the Ghul-Fan Drug Syndicate, a known associate of the Black Sun.

The party locates the base of operations of the Ghul-Fan and is able to sneak their way into the facility. The Ghul-Fan operate a restaurant as a front to their operations and under the guise of a repair crew fixing the refrigeration system of the restaurant the party sneaks into their base. While Doc Gravoc and Grint drag out the repair process in the restaurant, Rio and Plog sneak into the ventilation system and locate the holovid system. A brief but dangerous fight between Rio, Plog and a couple of Ghul-Fan soldiers occurs. Rio sustains injuries during the fight, but they are able to secure the holovid and make a call to Janos Devlin.

Janos hires the party to investigate Attellis Faede, a slicer on Centerpoint station for his involvement with the pirate attacks. The party locates Attellis Faede at a gambling hall called Fang's Den, where he lives. Plog heads off to scout the Gambling Den and satiate his hunger for games of chance, while Rio does some slicing of the Port Authority to locate Dragus Heinler.

Plog spends a good couple of hours at the Sabbac Table losing money to the den of thieves he is playing against all the while attempting to garner a bit of intelligence on the location and their target.

Rio locates Dragus' ship and where he is staying on the station, a high class hotel and casino called Holden's.

The party decides to investigate Dragus Heinler after Rio watches security footage of Heinler's ship being loaded with what she thinks are slaves destined for a horrible fate.

The party makes their way to the casino, Rio does some scouting in the guise of a working girl, while Plog plays the lost drunk looking for his hotel room. Dragus is confirmed to be on the 15th floor and the party engages the cybered guards quickly, Doc Gravoc efficiently eliminates the guards in the hall, but not before a shot is fired, warning Dragus. A brief gun battle erupts Grint, with a marksman's aim takes down Dragus and the party secures him in his hotel room.

GM Writeup - Session 3

After dealing with the Serak Death Gang, the party takes on the cargo delivery for Janos Devlin, the Chevin Merchant. The cargo, 3 crates of carbine rifles, is delivered to the party's ship. Rand, Grint and Doc Gravoc head to the Black Bantha to pickup Selia & Ebban to be taken to Nubia to their new family.

After the cargo is delivered, 3 Black Sun enforcers arrive at the docking bay to insist that Rio return with them to Lt. Harrington. A fight ensues and the 3 remaining crew member, Rio, Diaboc and Plog are out gunned by the Black Sun enforcers. The remaining crew returns to the ship in time to assist with the fight, capturing one of the Black Sun enforcers, but not before Rand is attacked by a creature that was lurking in the shadows. The creature renlentlessly attacked Rand ignoring all other attackers. The fight was quick with a minor injury to Rand, who was slightly shaken.

Rio brands the captured Black Sun enforcer and sends him on his way to relay a message that she will not be intimidated by Lt. Harrington. Doc Gravoc relays a message to Black Sun, that he is working on paying his debts off.

The party leaves for Nubia to deliver the children, the trip is uneventful.

Leaving Nubia for Centerpoint Station, the party is intercepted by pirates in the asteroid belt that rings around Talus and Tralus. The pirates attempt to tractor beam the party's ship to be boarded, the party fights off the pirates with practiced gunnery and deft piloting skills, escaping the ambush.

Arriving at Centerpoint Station, Rand is accosted by two members of Southern Sectors Port Authority, who in return for a small bribe look the other direction on the cargo in the Mistress Flask's hold. Rand, Doc Gravoc, and Diaboc head into the station to meet Colton Hagstrom, Janos Devlin's contact. The meeting is short, Colton measures the group's trustworthiness and gives them the information regarding the meeting with the buyer. He also informs them that they should look for a tracking device in the cargo.

Plog and Grint scan the cargo and find a small tracking device hidden in one of the crates, Rio investigates it and is able to locate the person that created the device, Atellis Faede, who is a slicer. Further investigation is required to located the slicer.

The party heads to the meeting with the buyer and deliver the cargo, but the meeting is ambushed by a patrol of Imperial Stormtroopers. While the buyer and his men escape into the darkened alleyways, the party fends off the Imperials. Plog races the truck into one of the squads, killing three troopers and pinning the Sergeant against the wall, but in the vehicular attack, manages to crash the truck and become pinned himself as a fire errupts. Rand and Grint attack the troopers from the other end of the alley while Doc Gravoc acrobatically leaps across the top of the truck to rescue Plog from a firey death. Diaboc uses his skills at subterfuge to harrass and confuse the troopers putting them off guard and Rio snipes at the Sergeant.

The fight ends as quickly as it started, the party recovers equipment from the fallen troopers and stashes it in an out of the way location and they quickly leave the scene. 

Hurdling Forward
Internal panic within Doc's head

It's all beginning to pile up so fast. Before I can blink, we are blasting and killing Black Sun men. I tried to save one but, that's unlikely to overshadow those we likely killed. Reminding one thug that he could be dead too probably isn't going to back down a Vigo. As much as it galls me, I may have just upped what I owe those crooks. 

We are going to have to be much more careful. I didn't even know what shipment scanning was, then suddenly not doing it had me nearly getting Blown into space by pirates. Good thing Plog and the rest know more about ships than I do. I hope whatever shit he's taking this won't kill him or us. Whatever some of those Black Sun pilots used to take could be nasty in the long run. Despite the jitters he did seem on top of his game in the pilot's seat but, I don't know if running over STs was a great idea.

We did make the drop and Grint, Rand, Rio and even Dibrok seemed on point but, Plog could have killed himself. Not to mention all the heat this will bring down from the Empire, the borrowed transport and if we'll actually get paid in full.


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