Centerpoint Station

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Centerpoint Station is an ancient space station that lies at the Barycenter of the planets Talus and Tralus. It is home to over half a million citizens of the federation of Double Worlds. It is a 350 kilometer cylinder with a 100 kilometer central sphere at it's center. It rotates on it's axis every twelve hours to create an artificial gravity.

It has two sectors a northern and southern with docking facilities in both regions. The northern sector is controlled by the Secretariat, the governing body of the Federation and is home to many high tech corporations and influential persons. The southern sector is home to a large criminal underworld that has far reaching power and operates with little oversight. the docking facilities in both sectors are huge with 30 bays, each bay measuring 2 kilometers wide, 1 kilometer tall and 3 kilometers deep, able to house all but the largest capital starships.

The space station is secured by CorSec and infrequently has an Imperial Presence, although the Imperial Navy has been making more frequent stops at the station in recent times.

The criminal element operating from the Southern Sector has it's hands in almost every deal happening on the station, especially those in the souther sector.

Corporations in the Northern Sector are protected by CorSec, some of the biggest names in the Corporate Sector have facilities on Centerpoint Station.

Centerpoint Station

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