Dark Times

These are the Dark Times, the whispers on the streets between people are closely guarded and trust comes at a premium these days. In the recent months the Empire has been cracking down on anyone suspected of having ties to the fledgling rebellion. Battles have been breaking out on many of the Outer Rim territories as the rebels seek to establish footholds in remote locations.

The Core systems maintain a level of security that has never been seen before. Imperial Garrisons have been reinforced and Star Destroyers appeared in the skies overnight. Living on the edge of the political and social structure of the galaxy has afforded most the freedom to move about their business without too much interference.

The discussions secreted away from prying eyes and ears banters back and forth about the Tyranny of the Empire and the Terrorism of the Rebellion. The average citizen stands somewhere in the middle looking for security and hoping for freedom.

Edge of Darkness

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