Edge of Darkness


I guess a dry heat ain’t so bad. 

Im honestly shocked that we made the jump to hyperspace at all, never mind getting kicked out of it. Lucky I’m handy enough to rewrite some things & get us going again. We limped into Tatooine. Glad we could get to where we needed to go. Lookin for a guy named Dak who has some info that can take down the Empire or so he claims. 

Captain seems to think it’s worth checking out, and who am I to argue. She’s showing the boy how to defend himself. Led us to a shady dude that tried to start something with us when we asked questions. Ok. Asked is maybe inaccurate. That Rawlings guy can be rough around the edges. I think I killed a couple of those guys. It didn’t need to go there. 

Thing about heat, it’ll set you off if you’re some people. Me, it ain’t the heat, it’s the humidity. 


What's Grint's secret?
Say what you will, he get's more interest than the rest of us

To Whom it may concern...
And you SHOULD be concerned.

To whom it may concern – this is Rio, your former property. I speak for myself and Slowl in this message. You'll want to listen to my words carefully, and take note of this Duros whom we did not murder in cold blood, despite her attempt to ambush us and take Slowl's life.

You think you are in a position of power, but you are not. 

You think we are on the run from you, but we are not.

You think we fear you, but we do not.

I don't say these things to taunt you, but instead I say them to make you understand that our relationship is at an end – and has been for quite some time. We owe each other nothing, but that seems to be the point of contention here. As I see it, you have two options:

1) Forget about us and go on your way. (I suggest you choose this option)

2) Continue down this path and see what happens. Believe me when I say we can take more than we're worth from you, and perhaps already have done so. And we will continue to do so if you insist on pressing us. This isn't a threat, it's simply a fact.

I'm not averse to working with your organization in the future, once all this nonsense is behind us. I hold no personal grudges against anyone within the organization (besides perhaps Harrington, but that's personal). In fact, I am grateful for all I have learned while part of the family, and still consider half my heart with you. 

This is your chance to mend this and move forward. Don't blow it. I might not be able to control Slowl's rage next time, and you stand to lose much, much more… 


Close One
Rand 4/7/17 Write-up

I almost lost him again.  I mean in our lives it almost too common, but this is different.  He stares at me with those red eyes a different person.  I've seen what the sickness does to people but, who knows if people can recover. It was touch and go for awhile.  The virus makes you angry and agressive, but he seemed to be controlling it as best he could.  I don't know if that slows it or not but we did not have to stun him for awhile.  Eventually we did when he attacked Slowl, I wasn't worried about him hurting Slowl, but if Slowl got infected this could get ugly.  It was hard even to stun him…I missed when I pulled the trigger.

It turns out our reclusive passenger has both knowledge of the virus and this base.  She was able to treat dad, but it was touch and go for awhile.  All the while talking about how we should not have come.  Of course had she shared that earlier perhaps we would not have.  At the end we all survived, and though maybe not worth the risk we do have our own secret base.  Rio was really about as happy as I've seen her working on the base computer.  Not sure if it's just the love of computers or also something about us having our own little hidding place.

Of course the next part of our mission will be as smooth as our last.  Coming into system only 3 fucking star destroyers, and being directly hailed.  They are looking for us..  Luckily Plog is an amazing pilot.  He manages to park is on the back of the star destroyer.  Now the question, were we just that unlucky or did they know we were coming.  If they knew is it because of us blasting our way out, or our passenger

At the end of the day though I don't think I can be captured by the Empire…I'm pretty sure that would be the end of me and likely all of us.


The troopers want to detain us.  The other almost seem ready to put up with that hassle but now that I see what is chasing me there is no way I'm going to give them a trail.  Luckily Slowl is generally ready for a fight, a wink and he's ready to go.  I toss a grenade into the group with rifles.  Rio throws me a glance like really, as she draws her blaster and shoots one in the chest like second nature.  I'm not even sure we like the violence but we are good at it.  Now that I know what's on my trail, I'll be looking over my shoulder even more.

At the end though Slowl is as chewed up as I am, we could use some time in the black.  So we get a mission that will keep us there for a bit.   I've always liked my time in the black.  Even as a kid when we flew around it was my time to read and study the ships, learn the people.  You can learn a lot about people stuck in a box with them hurtling through space.  Of course a couple weeks in we realize that Rio must have screwed up the coordinates…we are leaning on her a lot though she's solid but I don't think she has any real experience with astrogation.  She's just figuring through it.


Now we did need the time.  I needed time to recovery from my arm and (ray) needed time too.  Luckily Gravok is an amazing doc, it's hard to imagine with those hands but with the right tools he's amazing…I've gotten to be on the receiving end of too much of his work.


We come out of space in an astroid field and find a abandoned base.  It's under quarantine but from decades ago, Doc gives us the ok to check it out.  I find the idea of a hidden base interesting…it'd be nice to have a place to lay low or base out of, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  First we need to make sure it's safe , how dangerous can it be.

A bit of real doctoring.

Sure, I still get shot at …ALOT but, I am finally getting a glimpse of how being a doctor can be. I am still mostly patching up the after effects of very real violence and usually working out of my backpack but, when we get a moment, the crew's supporting me in bringing sustained care to some regular(?) clients.

Hell, even got my hands on some real treatment specific meds in an actual operating room and the results impressed me. I am beginning to understand the nuances of each of the crew member's body ability to recover. Hopefully I can get a better handle now on helping them to enhance their health as we seem to be facing more and more injuries and some things just need precious time we can ill afford to really heal.

If I can just get Slowl to trust my doctor's orders, Plog off of his vices and let Rand get used to his new arm, we might just dig our way out of our messes. Maybe a new air of caution will take us over and might live to be the town doc out on the fringe I dreamed of…


…aaaand they want to land on a quarantined base. M*****F*****!!!!!

The Leap
Not a plot submission but possibly inspiration.

I just saw this and thought it might resonate with Grint, Rand and Rio's backstories.


Plog Wakes Up...

"Yo, Plog!!" Slowl said as the chiss emerged from his quarters for the first time in weeks.

Plog closed his eyes and brought his fingers to his temple. "Shhh… Too loud."

"Hah!" Slowl slapped him on the back and continued down the corridor.

After carefully making his way to the common room, Plog bumped into Gravok. 

"You okay?" the doc asked. "That wound healing up fine?"

Plog nodded and sat down at the table across from Grint. The grizzled mechanic was stifling a laugh, but Plog barely noticed as he shoved some gruel into his mouth. It tasted like engine grease. 

"We're in space," Plog said, half-questioning and half-declaring. "Who's flying?"

Grint laughed and rose to his feet. "Why don't you go see for yourself."

With the meds clouding his thoughts, Plog didn't know what the mechanic was talking about. Slowly, and with many pauses to control the dizziness, Plog made his way to the cockpit of the Mistress Flasks. He tried a few times and finally hit the button to open the cockpit door.

And he was immediately sobered.

The colors assaulted him first. Someone had painted each knob, button and lever a different color. Swaths of yellow, purple, blue and green traced their way through the entire cockpit. Who would do such a thing? And why?

His eyes fixated on the pink fuzzy dice hanging down over the controls. Wait – one of the plush's was a die, the other was a unicorn head. With sparkles. What was he looking at? Was he still hallucinating?

Finishing a complete circuit, his gaze finally landed on the lone figure in the room. Rio was in the pilot's chair, her feet carelessly on the controls in a lounging position and her head bobbing from some music she was listening to.

Reacting to the movement, she turned and smiled at him. "Oh, heya Plog!"

He was going to kill her.

I'm going the distance

So it's nice to watch the ship, they are up to some shady business I'm here and I could use some time to settle my mind.  My power and vision is growing…but I can feel the energy in me.  I desire action.  

Oooo Cake and chocolate too, and I don't think Grint is getting on with his side piece

So some time to myself and cake it is good.  I sit and study with I go out to the concourse and start to reach out to people, I an almost hear their thoughts…more like whispers and hints.  At first I'm not sure if it's just things I can read from their faces but the harder I focus the louder the whispers.

I go back to the ship and more cake oh man this is quite a nice day.

Terror at Holden's Club

(above – Holden's club, Centerpoint Station)

Following-up on an earlier story, it seems the raid on Holden's club last night wasn't just a random act of violence. We are sad to report that Dragos Hiemler (a Corellian noble) was taken and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

After we reported that several of his bodyguards were slain by blasters and claws, it appears the noble has been missing for over 24 hrs. CorSec is being tight-lipped about any kind of ransom demands or leads they may have. An explosion was also reported early this morning in his ship's docking bay at Centerpoint Station, but no details are known about that incident yet – and if it's connected or not.

We've noted an increased Imperial presence on Centerpoint. Local security forces have noted a sharp incline in cyber theft, and storm troopers are asking about illegal weapons smuggling. Again, we're not sure any of that is linked to Dragos.

It does seem that someone had it out for the Corellian noble. Our thoughts are with the Hiemler family – may the force be with them.


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