Edge of Darkness

Terror at Holden's Club

(above – Holden's club, Centerpoint Station)

Following-up on an earlier story, it seems the raid on Holden's club last night wasn't just a random act of violence. We are sad to report that Dragos Hiemler (a Corellian noble) was taken and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

After we reported that several of his bodyguards were slain by blasters and claws, it appears the noble has been missing for over 24 hrs. CorSec is being tight-lipped about any kind of ransom demands or leads they may have. An explosion was also reported early this morning in his ship's docking bay at Centerpoint Station, but no details are known about that incident yet – and if it's connected or not.

We've noted an increased Imperial presence on Centerpoint. Local security forces have noted a sharp incline in cyber theft, and storm troopers are asking about illegal weapons smuggling. Again, we're not sure any of that is linked to Dragos.

It does seem that someone had it out for the Corellian noble. Our thoughts are with the Hiemler family – may the force be with them.


jkurlan oldbone

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