Edge of Darkness

A bit of real doctoring.

Sure, I still get shot at …ALOT but, I am finally getting a glimpse of how being a doctor can be. I am still mostly patching up the after effects of very real violence and usually working out of my backpack but, when we get a moment, the crew's supporting me in bringing sustained care to some regular(?) clients.

Hell, even got my hands on some real treatment specific meds in an actual operating room and the results impressed me. I am beginning to understand the nuances of each of the crew member's body ability to recover. Hopefully I can get a better handle now on helping them to enhance their health as we seem to be facing more and more injuries and some things just need precious time we can ill afford to really heal.

If I can just get Slowl to trust my doctor's orders, Plog off of his vices and let Rand get used to his new arm, we might just dig our way out of our messes. Maybe a new air of caution will take us over and might live to be the town doc out on the fringe I dreamed of…


…aaaand they want to land on a quarantined base. M*****F*****!!!!!


jkurlan LeeThomas

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