Edge of Darkness

Close One

Rand 4/7/17 Write-up

I almost lost him again.  I mean in our lives it almost too common, but this is different.  He stares at me with those red eyes a different person.  I've seen what the sickness does to people but, who knows if people can recover. It was touch and go for awhile.  The virus makes you angry and agressive, but he seemed to be controlling it as best he could.  I don't know if that slows it or not but we did not have to stun him for awhile.  Eventually we did when he attacked Slowl, I wasn't worried about him hurting Slowl, but if Slowl got infected this could get ugly.  It was hard even to stun him…I missed when I pulled the trigger.

It turns out our reclusive passenger has both knowledge of the virus and this base.  She was able to treat dad, but it was touch and go for awhile.  All the while talking about how we should not have come.  Of course had she shared that earlier perhaps we would not have.  At the end we all survived, and though maybe not worth the risk we do have our own secret base.  Rio was really about as happy as I've seen her working on the base computer.  Not sure if it's just the love of computers or also something about us having our own little hidding place.

Of course the next part of our mission will be as smooth as our last.  Coming into system only 3 fucking star destroyers, and being directly hailed.  They are looking for us..  Luckily Plog is an amazing pilot.  He manages to park is on the back of the star destroyer.  Now the question, were we just that unlucky or did they know we were coming.  If they knew is it because of us blasting our way out, or our passenger

At the end of the day though I don't think I can be captured by the Empire…I'm pretty sure that would be the end of me and likely all of us.


jkurlan ejansson

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