Edge of Darkness

Have I lost my way?

The lies, blood and underhanded deeds just keep piling up. Each step just leads to another crime and more violence. It's even coming easier to me. Even getting paid can seem touch or go.

This better get me out from under my debt so I can just be a doctor living a normal life out on the fringe because I didn't study all those years to act like a repairman's lackey while my crew sneaks into a criminal hive. 

I try to turn to my med books or prep my healing gear in between muscling in new ship parts while Rio and Plog tempt their old ways for our work. It's good that I can patch us up but, this isn't the life I signed up for.

At least we get to sometimes work for positive changes but, squaring off with armed thugs on patrol is the life I tried to avoid. Now here I am making it look routine.

Hopefully, I can keep my skills sharp before this life catches up to me.

(Around the shop and on downtime, Doc Gravok appears to be spending more focus studying and practicing the medical arts, prepping/organizing his doctor gear and meditating.)


jkurlan LeeThomas

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