Edge of Darkness

Hurdling Forward

Internal panic within Doc's head

It's all beginning to pile up so fast. Before I can blink, we are blasting and killing Black Sun men. I tried to save one but, that's unlikely to overshadow those we likely killed. Reminding one thug that he could be dead too probably isn't going to back down a Vigo. As much as it galls me, I may have just upped what I owe those crooks. 

We are going to have to be much more careful. I didn't even know what shipment scanning was, then suddenly not doing it had me nearly getting Blown into space by pirates. Good thing Plog and the rest know more about ships than I do. I hope whatever shit he's taking this won't kill him or us. Whatever some of those Black Sun pilots used to take could be nasty in the long run. Despite the jitters he did seem on top of his game in the pilot's seat but, I don't know if running over STs was a great idea.

We did make the drop and Grint, Rand, Rio and even Dibrok seemed on point but, Plog could have killed himself. Not to mention all the heat this will bring down from the Empire, the borrowed transport and if we'll actually get paid in full.


jkurlan LeeThomas

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