Edge of Darkness


The troopers want to detain us.  The other almost seem ready to put up with that hassle but now that I see what is chasing me there is no way I'm going to give them a trail.  Luckily Slowl is generally ready for a fight, a wink and he's ready to go.  I toss a grenade into the group with rifles.  Rio throws me a glance like really, as she draws her blaster and shoots one in the chest like second nature.  I'm not even sure we like the violence but we are good at it.  Now that I know what's on my trail, I'll be looking over my shoulder even more.

At the end though Slowl is as chewed up as I am, we could use some time in the black.  So we get a mission that will keep us there for a bit.   I've always liked my time in the black.  Even as a kid when we flew around it was my time to read and study the ships, learn the people.  You can learn a lot about people stuck in a box with them hurtling through space.  Of course a couple weeks in we realize that Rio must have screwed up the coordinates…we are leaning on her a lot though she's solid but I don't think she has any real experience with astrogation.  She's just figuring through it.


Now we did need the time.  I needed time to recovery from my arm and (ray) needed time too.  Luckily Gravok is an amazing doc, it's hard to imagine with those hands but with the right tools he's amazing…I've gotten to be on the receiving end of too much of his work.


We come out of space in an astroid field and find a abandoned base.  It's under quarantine but from decades ago, Doc gives us the ok to check it out.  I find the idea of a hidden base interesting…it'd be nice to have a place to lay low or base out of, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  First we need to make sure it's safe , how dangerous can it be.


jkurlan ejansson

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