Edge of Darkness

To Whom it may concern...

And you SHOULD be concerned.

To whom it may concern – this is Rio, your former property. I speak for myself and Slowl in this message. You'll want to listen to my words carefully, and take note of this Duros whom we did not murder in cold blood, despite her attempt to ambush us and take Slowl's life.

You think you are in a position of power, but you are not. 

You think we are on the run from you, but we are not.

You think we fear you, but we do not.

I don't say these things to taunt you, but instead I say them to make you understand that our relationship is at an end – and has been for quite some time. We owe each other nothing, but that seems to be the point of contention here. As I see it, you have two options:

1) Forget about us and go on your way. (I suggest you choose this option)

2) Continue down this path and see what happens. Believe me when I say we can take more than we're worth from you, and perhaps already have done so. And we will continue to do so if you insist on pressing us. This isn't a threat, it's simply a fact.

I'm not averse to working with your organization in the future, once all this nonsense is behind us. I hold no personal grudges against anyone within the organization (besides perhaps Harrington, but that's personal). In fact, I am grateful for all I have learned while part of the family, and still consider half my heart with you. 

This is your chance to mend this and move forward. Don't blow it. I might not be able to control Slowl's rage next time, and you stand to lose much, much more… 



jkurlan oldbone

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