Known Information

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Facts that the party knows:

  • The Serak Death Gang operates out of three locations in Blue Sector on Corellia.

    • A warehouse in the northwestern sector near the docking bays.
    • A warehouse in the northwestern sector near Treasureship Row.
    • A central HQ in central sector.
  • The Serak Death Gang is wanted for Slavery by CorSec.
  • The Serak Death Gang is commanded by a man named Zok Tarantallus.
  • The Serak Death Gang is made up of Cyber Enhanced humans.
  • Dragus Heinler is a noble Corellian human male that has ties to the Empire.
  • Dragus Heinler has ties to the Serak Death Gang as a buyer of the people that they kidnap.
  • Dragus Heinler has a home in Coronet City where he runs a gambling den and hosts slave auctions.
  • Dragus Heinler has a Nubian Space Yacht that is docked at a starport near his home and close to the border of Blue Sector.
  • Dragus Heinler has an operation on Centerpoint Station.

    • Dragus has left for Centerpoint station and is no longer on Corellia.
  • Sensa Fultima is a Twi'Lek dancer that works at the Black Bantha Bar in Blue Sector.

    • Sensa operates an underground railroad to get slaves out of the hands of slavers and into freedom on other planets.
    • Sensa has a brother Dota Fultima that is a member of a Swoop Gang that operates locally in Blue Sector.

      • Sensa overlooks the shady and violent actions of her brother.
  • Janos Devlin is a Chevin merchant that has hired the party to deliver a cargo to Centerpoint Station.
  • Selia & Ebban Hibburd are brother and sister orphans that are from Blue Sector but are soon to be taken to Nubia to a loving family.

Known Information

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