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This campaign begins 3 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin).

Current Events

  • Planets and Systems on the further edges of the galaxy are starting to resist the Empire's control
  • Systems within the Core, Colonies and Inner Rim currently find themselves under the watchful eye of the Imperial Navy in the guise of "protection forces" against the growing Terrorist acts of the Rebels
  • The Empire is nationalizing corporations in order to build up their military
  • People from across the Galaxy have reported missing persons on a larger scale
  • Criminal Organizations are facing more pressure from the Empire
  • Pirates are being hunted by specialized groups of Imperial Naval units and Privateers

Galaxy Map

Star Wars Galaxy Map

Current Setting

Corellian Trade Spine / Corellian System / Corellia / Coronet City / Blue Sector

Corellia is primarily a coporate held planet

  • The Empire is "allowing" Corellia to be managed and protected by the CorSec (Corporate Security)
  • There are garrisons of Imperial Troops on Corellia and the Imperial Navy patrols the sector
  • The Grand Moff Naomi Dargon controls the Sector
  • The Empire is slowly winding its way into Corellian Corporations and governmental affairs
  • Corellia has been given "Managerial" control of Duro

    • The Empire reorganized the sector to get a hold of Duro's large manufacturing systems and to place Duro under Corellian Control because of the large scale environmental issues that face Duro
    • The Duro are not happy about the arrangement and are starting to resent Corellians for subverting their sovereignty
    • The Corellians are not happy and are starting to resent the Duro because they are taking on the burden of fixing Duro's environmental disaster
  • Blue Sector is the Wild West of Corellia

    • CorSec has all but given up on Blue Sector, which is mainly under the control of Criminal Organizations and Swoop Gangs
    • Missing persons have increased in the past year as street people from all over Blue Sector have disappeared
    • Slavers are taking people off the streets for sale to the highest bidders, either corporations, The Empire or Hutt Cartels


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